Colours and food. Two of my favorite things.

This is my favorite thing I’ve made in some time. AND I managed to convince my lecturer that it was acceptable for uni. Multiple win.

vitriol free

Hey, I won a prize with my last post. Pity I’d forgotten I entered, so I missed the art show anyway. Silly me. But I get to make new underwears now anyway, thanks Gemma.

In the newest installment of The Interesting Asides that have Nothing to do with Homework, here are some things I’ve found while trying to find a picture of a braille newspaper. I haven’t found one yet. I may have to get my own made. I was surprised to find a lot of poisonous nonsensical vitriol that made me feel a little ill, so I’ll focus on the fun bits and the good bits instead.

Accessible design – This braille says ‘beer’

lucky underwear.

One day, I was doing acro in the park.

(That’s me, in the grey).

Bit of teaching, bit of learning, bit of hangin’ out, bit of an audience while people turned up for a free summer concert. The photo is before the crowds. There were a lot of people.

Halfway through doing a particularly easy move (the sunbake over, if you care), I heard a tear, and my pants ripped in a 20cm horizontal line, right across the arse. Fortunately, I was wearing my favorite underwear. Pink and green gingham. Not much of a pink wearer generally, but for these I make an exception. All the audience got a view; so it was fortunate I hadn’t picked an ugly pair. Thus, I deem them lucky.

You know I’m only posting this to win a prize.

Wagons off we ride

Well, Blogtoberfest was a learning experience. I learned that trying to blog daily and finish a semester’s graphic design folio for uni are not necessarily goals that should run concurrently. It was also a learning experience where I let myself stop doing something I had committed to, without driving myself into the ground with guilt. Well done, me. I do have some interesting things I have created that I might share sometime, though.

Meanwhile, I made a craft thing. Clearly it’s been long enough since submission that I can bear to think about creating again. It wasn’t a difficult – or particularly original – thing to create, but it caused much mirth. It was for my mum’s birthday yesterday, and it was themed with the other part of her present.

A moustache!

Or are they buffalo horns?

Perhaps it is a unibrow.

No, definitely a moustache.

You see, the other part of the present was ‘The Rise and Fall of Goodtown’ by The Wagons. You might recall a post from mid-October about them? Well, let me refresh your memory about Henry Wagon’s excellent facial hair:

(incidentally, I believe that is Henry Wagon in front of a Henry J Wagon. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

I thoroughly encourage you to listen to this excellent song:

Tonight I let myself out of the house to go to the Roller Derby. It’s a tradition in my little world, and has been for the last year or so. When we got there, the line was epic, and we got within 3 metres of the door before they declared the rink full to capacity. That’s never happened. Never, never. Curses to you, Drew Barrymore!! Curses to you, bandwagon jumpers! I say we should all get priority entry according to how many bouts we’ve already been to.


Gonna go all jammer on yo’ asses.

uh oh. again.

You know what? Today is my cop out day. As opposed to the days when I posted a picture with little text, or the days when I forgot.

</end blogtoberfest day 21>