King Lear quote of the day:
“O, let me kiss that hand!”
“Let me wipe it first; it smells of mortality.”

waits page 1

waits page 2

waits page 3

Continuing the experimental ‘odd own projects about Tom Waits’ series.

Inspired by an interesting Halloween decoration project here.

two-highs by famous folk

I’m going to continue my Blogtoberfest tradition of posting a picture with editorial content remarkable only for its brevity, because I’m tired. So very tired.

This is for me, and for Kiri, the only circus person I know of who looks at this blog.


It’s Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant doing acrobalance. Look, she looks as uncomfortable as I do while flying.

celebrity crushes

Henry Wagon. Will you be my friend?


a great idea

Tonight, instead of doing my homework,


I drank Pimm’s


and watched movies on the couch.


404 error pages you can enjoy

Check out this round up of 404 error pages that would actually bring joy to your critical internet error.

ninja 404

wanted 404

mario 404

clock 404


Hey! Will you look at that? I forgot to post. TWICE.

Today I’m going to do something wild, and post something I actually created. I know, right? On a craft blog. Wild. Just a sketch.

waits chinagraph

It’s Tom Waits, in a tree. Obviously. Drawn in chinagraph pencil.