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wireless plants

wireless plants

I can haz twitter from my pot plants? Way to combine happy things.

Ever wonder if you’ve watered your plants enough, or too much? Well, it’ll tell you.  I love creative nerds.

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the happiest.

this has made me so happy for so many years. It makes me want to dance. And exercise. And choreograph.

If I had thought of this, I would consider my life one well spent.

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Wouldn’t you love to live in this beautiful, tiny room??


Outside my door this morning, there was a lovely surprise! Not only did I get $7 back from some bill I’ve forgotten about, but my lovely housemate Emma had left me this, in case I might be interested? Seriously, this is not something that need be posed as a question.


Check out some awesome wallpaper designs:


Will I make badges? Will I bind some books? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!


What do you think I should do with all the happy loveliness??

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Good dinners at the pub make me happy. And children dressed like cool rockabilly cats. And the roller derby. And hugs. And sleeping. The end.

tell me a little thing that makes you happy.

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happiness in slides

missmi, originally uploaded by signs and wonders.

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the good old days. the happy old dudes. the argyle old socks.

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happy cats

Grey Kitten, originally uploaded by Weird_Aunt_Martha.

Kittens make me happy…. more on that later…. maybe?? But not only that. Lolcatz make me happy… Sleeping makes me happy… funny pictures of cats with captions

and nerds. Nerds make me SO happy. funny pictures of cats with captions

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