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it begins…

So! Here we are. You and I. In a new journal. LiveJournal is just so square, and FaceBook is too YOU ARE OURS FOREVER. And I like to rant and ramble. All the other craftbloggers are doing it. And I want in! But will it be crafty? Will it be ranty? Will it be random? NOONE KNOWS. it will probably be all of the above.

Basically, I’m crazy, but I’m getting better. So now that I have some vague semblance of sanity, I’d like to do something constructive with my days. Constructive, fun and gentle. I’m planning to make a zine of my daytime exploits, but why stop there? Instant gratification seems so much more fulfilling. I can document my zine on my blog, and my blog in my zine! Oh, how postmodern.

I could make rules for myself, but I’d only break them. I probably will make them, though. And then they’ll be there to be broken. huzzah!

Welcome to the madness.

— bex

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