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I’d like to open the month with a picture of a Volvo just like mine. Oh, but I love that car.

#5 Volvo 240 wagon, originally uploaded by wagonized.

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oh, ernest.

The odd paradox of life at the moment means that, since I can manage only one kind of creative output at a time, when I craft, I don’t blog. So I have all kinds of interesting things I could show off, including an idea for a tutorial, AND a giveaway… but instead, silence.

However, I finally managed the right combination of location and light, and got a photo of the beautiful collage created by Big Cat that I won in a Blogtoberfest giveaway. Thanks for the coffee, Cathy. It’s ever so nice to meet interweb inspirations.

ernest is bookish

In other other news, if you’re around Melbourne, did you see the sky smiley face this evening? The moon, Jupiter and Venus are aligned in show of cheery celestial goodwill. My housemate was going to have a shot at getting a photo with her swank camera, and I will share if she succeeds. Meanwhile, get outside and look at the sky. It’s a once-in-five-years occurrence! And appreciate the quote of the evening, from my mum: “Will it do emoticons next?”

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Blogtoberfest! Days late! Maybe it’ll provide me with inspiration to post more. I mean, post every day! With enthusiasm! So, in the interests of being enthusiastic, I’m kicking off with a picture of me as a cheerleader!


S’right, I’m a cheerleader. A *punk rock* cheerleader.

Blogtoberfest is hosted by Big Cat’s Emporium, what a champ. I love October. It means September has finished.
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