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Kitty Coat

What makes a long day, with work, and uni classes, and pending folios and late nights and too much work and I CAN’T FIND MY XACTO and I’ve still got to make dinner and BLA BLA BLA, easier?

A cat in a coat.

Kitty Coat, originally uploaded by darrenstone.


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Celebrating a birthday with two of your favorite things, tabbies and Stuff On My Cat.

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clothes and cats


The Ultimate Accessory. A Flickr group for outfit photos that also have cats in them. (Via Vegan and Vintage.)

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So, without saying anything sacreligious or offensive, it’s a significant kind of Friday. But I’m not religious, and I am offensive, so I’m spending my day with the very enjoyably weird Picture is Unrelated and Fail Blog. I even picked two craft related ones for you dudes.

Can anyone suggest a way in which this photo could be more random?

This is from the exceptionally funny photo of a few years ago, where entrants had to do something weird in a Toothpaste for Dinner t-shirt. It was funny then; it’s funny now. I love the woman’s expression.

My new hero – so focussed and determined and random:

And finally, from Failblog:
Satin is a pretty nasty fabric, it’s true.

Friday, y’all. Friday. Hope it works out right for you.

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our newest family member

Meet Willow.

She is smooches. She’s 7, from the pound, and is sheer sweetness and light.

new home

easiest, most successful and appreciated craft ever.

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happy cats

Grey Kitten, originally uploaded by Weird_Aunt_Martha.

Kittens make me happy…. more on that later…. maybe?? But not only that. Lolcatz make me happy… Sleeping makes me happy… funny pictures of cats with captions

and nerds. Nerds make me SO happy. funny pictures of cats with captions

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Cat in box

Cat in box, originally uploaded by sambikkel.

You know I mentioned the guy in the last post with the cats in the Flickr favorites? This is one, and I melt.

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