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lucky underwear.

One day, I was doing acro in the park.

(That’s me, in the grey).

Bit of teaching, bit of learning, bit of hangin’ out, bit of an audience while people turned up for a free summer concert. The photo is before the crowds. There were a lot of people.

Halfway through doing a particularly easy move (the sunbake over, if you care), I heard a tear, and my pants ripped in a 20cm horizontal line, right across the arse. Fortunately, I was wearing my favorite underwear. Pink and green gingham. Not much of a pink wearer generally, but for these I make an exception. All the audience got a view; so it was fortunate I hadn’t picked an ugly pair. Thus, I deem them lucky.

You know I’m only posting this to win a prize.

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two-highs by famous folk

I’m going to continue my Blogtoberfest tradition of posting a picture with editorial content remarkable only for its brevity, because I’m tired. So very tired.

This is for me, and for Kiri, the only circus person I know of who looks at this blog.


It’s Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant doing acrobalance. Look, she looks as uncomfortable as I do while flying.

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the wheeling-est

German Wheel, originally uploaded by Le Jhe.

Had German Wheel at circus again today. I love it. Love love love. I also have a bruise from juggling plates. How many people can say THAT, then?

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It’s a really depressing reflection of reality that it’s taken me more than a week to think of the answer to this ‘This is…’. It’s last week’s, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.   As a result of circumstance, not an awful lot makes me happy. More or less, things make it easier to get by. But it’s important to acknowledge happiness, instead of dwelling on what is crap, wherever possible.

Anna, Midnight, walks on the beach. Tea. Craft and craft supplies. The ocean, ships. Breakfast. Circus. Melbourne. Cats.

this is what makes me happy, originally uploaded by urbn pirate.

Thanks to three buttons for ‘This is’ and one little acorn for this week’s theme.

It’s good to be happy.

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Palestinian Circus, originally uploaded by velvetart.

This week, I have been in the Blue Mountains, visiting Dadsie. Played with his enourmo-dog (Levon the bull mastiff – the dog of dogs), visited one of my super cute nieces, chilled and watched movies, listened to and talked about and watched excerpts of music (one of my favorite favorite parts of visiting my dad), and went to the Katoomba Winter Magic festival. What fun! Parade day deserves a post all of its own, with photo evidence when I’m at my own computer, but today we saw Ruby Bloomer’s Women’s Circus perform. It was interesting comparing it to my circus in Melbourne – our group is clearly much, much bigger with more room to skillshare, and we have facilities for aerial performances, but my, they put on an engaging show. They did some great acrobalance and lots of cool juggling and such, especially the contact juggling. Wish I could do that. I’m going home to practice diabolo.

I still can’t juggle though, I’ve been practicing all afternoon. And all week. And for a while. But not consistently enough. Right now I am being unhelpful and unsociable while my dad and his wife make dinner, but hell. I’m debilitated by mood swings. I’m just going to sit upstairs and get drunk. That’s ok too, right? Bad person I am.

I’ve been reading this blog today, Luckybeans. She has a tutorial for making juggling balls, if you need some continuity.

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Robot Guard: Which of the following would you prefer? A puppy; a pretty flower from your sweetie; or a large, properly formatted data file? Choose!


I choose the flower. Which makes me human, and fortunate enough not to be on an anti-human planet. What a nice sweetie I have.

I watched Serenity again today, for the first time in years. It made so much more sense, now that I’ve seen Firefly. Not much less traumatic, though. Mighty traumatic. When did I become a movie crier? Not sure, but I certainly have become one.

In other craft/how I occupy myself news, circus is going great. I mean, great, really great. I never thought I’d be capable of doing most of these things – I mean, not just standing on someone’s back, not just climbing ropes without handholds, but trusting people, expressing my feelings, letting go. Oh, and then there’s this. Sal airways – the only way to fly.


Watching: Serenity
Listening: Wash Jones – Squirrel Nut Zippers
Reading: Moominvalley in November – Tove Jansson

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