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Yesterday at work I was flat out for the whole day. Today – nothing. Noone wants shirts on Saturday?? AND the heat press isn’t working (good thing there’s no customers) so I can’t even entertain myself by printing sarcastic sayings onto underwear. Yes, that WAS the plan.

It was going to be this, from toothpaste for dinner:

Toothpaste For Dinner

Imagine that on your arse! But, no luck. So instead, here is some entertaining workplace-distracting linkability –

The Shouty Villager, a blog (and their Twitter) so funny and distracting that I shouldn’t read it at work, especially because it’s far more interesting than customers.
Steph, I particularly think you’ll enjoy it. People in vintage photos have never had so much fun.

– An article about Chomsky speaking on anarcho-syndicalism, which we all need

– Just for me: How to change .jpg files to EPS format (from Google Answers) which will open up a whole new world of excitment, because then I will be able to use pictures in my designs. Yes, pictures. Woooooooo!!

– Also, I joined Twitter. Plurk was giving me the irrits.

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the great circle of life

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I had a good day yesterday. A good day. It was a GOOD day. Really. Because I believe it, in myself. If I wipe out all of the morning, I had a really nice day. If I overlook the morning

In the afternoon, I hung out with wonderful Anna. We had authentic Japanese for lunch, MmmmmMmmM soba.


We visited sticky, and looked at people’s awesome zines. I got a couplea great crafty zines, Mixtape and Hoopla, and a Mandy Ord comic for a friend’s birthday. I hope she doesn’t interpret it as me suggesting she’s a birthday bitch. I just think Mandy Ord is cool. Anna got an HIGHlarious zine called Edinborough Exploits, in which screen caps of Neighbours are re-captioned with new scripts. I rarely hear Anna laugh out loud on the train, but this did the job.


I nursed my super-nerdy side with visits to Minotaur and the City Library, where I got the second in the Twelve Kingdoms series (a Japanese epic saga novel) and finished episode 6 of Deathnote. If anyone would like to donate money or comics to nurse me through my habit, I can’t afford to keep this up… Fortunately, the City Library has some comics on loan, so I borrowed Fruits Basket to see what all the fuss is about. Deathnote is a shonen manga (for boys), and Fruits Basket is shojo (for girls), and boy, are they different! The tone and subject matter are a complete contrast. It’s also interesting what is acceptable to teenagers in different cultures – in Fruits Basket, two totally andogynous boys are apparently in love with the one girl. Now, androgyny does it for me, but I just can’t see an average Australian high-school girl getting flustered over boys who look like girls. Cultural difference is an interesting thing.

Tell you what though – the City Library? I have a new favorite place. I borrowed an impressive stack of stuff, and need to go back for so much more, including learning Kanji, how to write childrens’ books, computer game design… not to mention to go completely nuts over the enormous craft section. Ohhhhh yeah. I love me some library.


Later, we sampled some lovely boutique beers from the Grand Ridge Brewery, made without chemicals and fairly locally (in Gippsland, at least).



And I enjoyed Embroideries, a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, who wrote Persepolis (which has just been made into a movie). It’s a graphic novel and comic kind of week, evidently.

In short, yesterday afternoon was a great time. I love libraries. THE END.

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