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oh my god, check this out! it’s so cool, it’s UBER COOL. I’m not uber cool though, because I don’t know the code for umlauts. Or even how to spell umlaut.

It’s a battery that recharges via USB. What an ingenious idea. Found on the interesting Toasty News site.

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Yesterday at work I was flat out for the whole day. Today – nothing. Noone wants shirts on Saturday?? AND the heat press isn’t working (good thing there’s no customers) so I can’t even entertain myself by printing sarcastic sayings onto underwear. Yes, that WAS the plan.

It was going to be this, from toothpaste for dinner:

Toothpaste For Dinner

Imagine that on your arse! But, no luck. So instead, here is some entertaining workplace-distracting linkability –

The Shouty Villager, a blog (and their Twitter) so funny and distracting that I shouldn’t read it at work, especially because it’s far more interesting than customers.
Steph, I particularly think you’ll enjoy it. People in vintage photos have never had so much fun.

– An article about Chomsky speaking on anarcho-syndicalism, which we all need

– Just for me: How to change .jpg files to EPS format (from Google Answers) which will open up a whole new world of excitment, because then I will be able to use pictures in my designs. Yes, pictures. Woooooooo!!

– Also, I joined Twitter. Plurk was giving me the irrits.

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Plastic ume blossoms, originally uploaded by urbn pirate.

In this photo, real cherry blossoms are what is missing. Plastic glory. Although they were the closest we got to cherry blossoms in Japan.

On this blog, my sidebar is what is missing. Where’s my buttons? Where’s my blogroll? I’m so confused. Can anyone else see them? What is going on???

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