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Wagons off we ride

Well, Blogtoberfest was a learning experience. I learned that trying to blog daily and finish a semester’s graphic design folio for uni are not necessarily goals that should run concurrently. It was also a learning experience where I let myself stop doing something I had committed to, without driving myself into the ground with guilt. Well done, me. I do have some interesting things I have created that I might share sometime, though.

Meanwhile, I made a craft thing. Clearly it’s been long enough since submission that I can bear to think about creating again. It wasn’t a difficult – or particularly original – thing to create, but it caused much mirth. It was for my mum’s birthday yesterday, and it was themed with the other part of her present.

A moustache!

Or are they buffalo horns?

Perhaps it is a unibrow.

No, definitely a moustache.

You see, the other part of the present was ‘The Rise and Fall of Goodtown’ by The Wagons. You might recall a post from mid-October about them? Well, let me refresh your memory about Henry Wagon’s excellent facial hair:

(incidentally, I believe that is Henry Wagon in front of a Henry J Wagon. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

I thoroughly encourage you to listen to this excellent song:

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grow and create

Between vectoring images and designing corporate identities, my brain is in danger of exploding from excess uni work. So, Dude Craft is helping me relax.

Check out these amazing things.


Learn to make a coiled basked with Jon’s Bushcraft Site


Live like a hobbit, with Simon Dale.

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still makin’

You know, I’ve been thinking. What is this craft blog missing? It’s missing craft. Whoops. I think about craft a lot; i read about it, in books and on the interweb; but I ain’t been so good at doing any. This seems to be a running theme, through many blogs I read.

BUT! I have done some recently, a little bit. You wanna see?


woooo! completed cross-stitch! The pattern is from Radical Cross-Stitch. I’m in the process of making another, on blue fabric in red, and an owl. What should i do with them, do you reckon? I was thinking about layering them on other fabrics and making brooch presents. Reckon?


Also, I know I showed you a shirt I made at work yesterday, but here is my previous effort. Also true. No stunt doubles – plump. Stating facts is the name of the game, friends.

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sometimes work is fun

A new meme to occupy youse Blogtoberfesters, if you feel like it…

Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair – just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with the picture.

I got this from a long time non-crafty livejournal buddy, Lily, who doesn’t know anything about Blogtoberfest.  I actually read it and took the photo a fortnight ago, intending to post it then, but didn’t.  You know how it is.  I was just about to take another photo for today, when I realised I look almost exactly the same.  How original! Except today I’m smilier.  I’m not going to tag anyone, because sometimes people are funny about their face being flashed around the interweb.  Just play along if you wants to.

crabby face

Who looks happy at work, anyway? Well, me, usually.  I like this job.  It’s at a Melbourne t-shirt printing shop.  If you’re ever in the North in Melbourne and you want a shirt printed, swing by.  Work’s only fun when I have something to do.

little stunt person

I made this design today.  I thought it would work equally well on adult circus performers, and small children.  It’s true though, I do – no stunt double in sight.

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domestic bliss

Today, I am going to achieve domestic success. I am going to make soup. I am going to make muesli. I am going to vacuum the floors. I am going to wash my hair. And then I am going to reward myself by sitting in my favorite armchair tucked up in blankets and read a book. You don’t all really need to know any of this, but sometimes I need to write stuff down in order for it to get done. And some time, I am going to do some craft. I hope.

I missed Craftea Chat yesterday because, it was just one of those days. Not a good one for house-leaving. But last week, the fine Steph made me an awesome badge that I have been wearing all week.


the end.

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I had a good day yesterday. A good day. It was a GOOD day. Really. Because I believe it, in myself. If I wipe out all of the morning, I had a really nice day. If I overlook the morning

In the afternoon, I hung out with wonderful Anna. We had authentic Japanese for lunch, MmmmmMmmM soba.


We visited sticky, and looked at people’s awesome zines. I got a couplea great crafty zines, Mixtape and Hoopla, and a Mandy Ord comic for a friend’s birthday. I hope she doesn’t interpret it as me suggesting she’s a birthday bitch. I just think Mandy Ord is cool. Anna got an HIGHlarious zine called Edinborough Exploits, in which screen caps of Neighbours are re-captioned with new scripts. I rarely hear Anna laugh out loud on the train, but this did the job.


I nursed my super-nerdy side with visits to Minotaur and the City Library, where I got the second in the Twelve Kingdoms series (a Japanese epic saga novel) and finished episode 6 of Deathnote. If anyone would like to donate money or comics to nurse me through my habit, I can’t afford to keep this up… Fortunately, the City Library has some comics on loan, so I borrowed Fruits Basket to see what all the fuss is about. Deathnote is a shonen manga (for boys), and Fruits Basket is shojo (for girls), and boy, are they different! The tone and subject matter are a complete contrast. It’s also interesting what is acceptable to teenagers in different cultures – in Fruits Basket, two totally andogynous boys are apparently in love with the one girl. Now, androgyny does it for me, but I just can’t see an average Australian high-school girl getting flustered over boys who look like girls. Cultural difference is an interesting thing.

Tell you what though – the City Library? I have a new favorite place. I borrowed an impressive stack of stuff, and need to go back for so much more, including learning Kanji, how to write childrens’ books, computer game design… not to mention to go completely nuts over the enormous craft section. Ohhhhh yeah. I love me some library.


Later, we sampled some lovely boutique beers from the Grand Ridge Brewery, made without chemicals and fairly locally (in Gippsland, at least).



And I enjoyed Embroideries, a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, who wrote Persepolis (which has just been made into a movie). It’s a graphic novel and comic kind of week, evidently.

In short, yesterday afternoon was a great time. I love libraries. THE END.

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