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still makin’

You know, I’ve been thinking. What is this craft blog missing? It’s missing craft. Whoops. I think about craft a lot; i read about it, in books and on the interweb; but I ain’t been so good at doing any. This seems to be a running theme, through many blogs I read.

BUT! I have done some recently, a little bit. You wanna see?


woooo! completed cross-stitch! The pattern is from Radical Cross-Stitch. I’m in the process of making another, on blue fabric in red, and an owl. What should i do with them, do you reckon? I was thinking about layering them on other fabrics and making brooch presents. Reckon?


Also, I know I showed you a shirt I made at work yesterday, but here is my previous effort. Also true. No stunt doubles – plump. Stating facts is the name of the game, friends.

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i made me a little chicken badge at Craftea Chat on Wednesday night. Huzzah! We were taught by Rayna, which was terribly useful because I’m a self-taught cross-stitcher and I teach myself all kinds of bad habits. So she cleared up a whole lot of things, and then we used Cate’s badge machine to finish it off. I love short projects, they work very well with my need for instant gratification and my exceptionally short attention span.

chicken badge

Quite satisfactory.

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