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Hey, I won a prize with my last post. Pity I’d forgotten I entered, so I missed the art show anyway. Silly me. But I get to make new underwears now anyway, thanks Gemma.

In the newest installment of The Interesting Asides that have Nothing to do with Homework, here are some things I’ve found while trying to find a picture of a braille newspaper. I haven’t found one yet. I may have to get my own made. I was surprised to find a lot of poisonous nonsensical vitriol that made me feel a little ill, so I’ll focus on the fun bits and the good bits instead.

Accessible design – This braille says ‘beer’

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King Lear quote of the day:
“O, let me kiss that hand!”
“Let me wipe it first; it smells of mortality.”

waits page 1

waits page 2

waits page 3

Continuing the experimental ‘odd own projects about Tom Waits’ series.

Inspired by an interesting Halloween decoration project here.

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So I’ve just got home from Semi-Permanent, a design conference in Melbourne. I’m waiting for the take-away to arrive so I can head back out to the after party, because some kind soul gave me a free ticket. But I thought I’d give you a wee glimpse of some of the excellent people I heard speak at the conference:

Tara McPherson


Jeff Soto


Keith Schofield

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azure sage messages


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all via swissmiss

The changing face of everyday design:

I can teach you: a Flickr set

How to be happy in business

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Ties. Alphabets. Who could want more?



Tie-pography. Via

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Check out this image from a Russian poster mocking/celebrating the economic crisis. Click the image to see the rest of the calendar.

economic crisis

“Out of money, you richy dumb?
That’s no problem!
Join us in finding food on the dump!”

This one is a Soviet food poster (more, if you click the picture)

soviet food

Just in case anyone else out there is also fascinated by Russian design or propaganda imagery….

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