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This comes hard on the heels of the not-so-startling news that I want to be a retro pin-up. Sick of looking at clothes and having no conception of what they would look like on me, I started thinking about women of my shape or my style that I could refer to for advice and inspiration. Frankly, when you’re a curvy kind of creature, it’s nice to look at things like this:

structured3_1…. but what would it look like on me? What would it look like on any person with hips, or boobs, or chubby legs, or whatever else? Stick insects are BORING. We’re not all born looking like giraffes. I like my body the way it is, and dammit, I want reference points, too.

So here is my personal, gradually growing list of style icons, both real and characterised:

Joan Holloway


Yana Alana

Picture 4

Julia Zemiro


Blair Waldorf – Ok, so she’s tiny and trendy, but her style is grand and I do so love a brown-eyed bad guy.


And brand new entry, Elizabeth Green, who is apparently one of the world’s most famous plus-sized models. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a famous plus-sized model, awesome.

rsff laura wells

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want to be

I want to be a pin-up. Like this:


They give me tempting tastes of what could be regularly in Facebook. Check it out. Some images NSFW.

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clothes and cats


The Ultimate Accessory. A Flickr group for outfit photos that also have cats in them. (Via Vegan and Vintage.)

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Depths of the Never Never have an amazing new website that I thoroughly believe you should look at. Some of the brooches make me a little short of breath, I think they’re so wonderful.


(also, if you look on page 5, I’m the one with the cane… just so you know…)

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Ok folks, I’m completely sorry about spamming this all over myriad social networking places. But not sorry enough not to do it. SPAM.

So, against many multifarious odds, I’m in a fashion parade. Not just a two bit fashion parade in my backyard (because I don’t have a backyard), but a parade in L’Oreal Fashion Week. Will I be the only chubby model in the whole festival? Probably! But I’ll look totally hot doing it, hopefully.

So, any Melbourne peeps should totally come. I’ll be doin’ a little jive dancing (and maybe some jive TALKIN’) and perhaps some acrobalance; there’ll be puppets and dancers and contact juggling; and it’ll all be to a Mojo Juju soundtrack, as if you needed any more reason. There will be other Rose St artisans with parades and things on sale, too – anticipate incredible handmade gorgeousness, I say.

Gratuitous promo shot:


Official spiel:
" This Saturday, 21st of March at 11:50 at Rose St Artists’ Market in Fitzroy, come see a display of beauty and decadence as Twisted Fig puts on a fashion show unlike others you’ve seen before or ever will! Displaying the creations of CJ Baxter (Twisted Fig) adorned by the craftsmanship of Brent Dakis (Depths of the Never Never) and Greg Mann. The show will involve exciting acts, acrobatics, juggling, and eye candy. "

Be there! or be elsewhere.

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My style icons keep dying, woe! woe!

First Bettie Page….

Bettie Page Originally uploaded by bonniegrrl

And now, Eartha Kitt??? What am I to do?

Eartha Kitt TV Shot Originally uploaded by Walker Dukes

Also in the obituaries, woe, Harold Pinter! But that doesn’t really suit the style tone of the post.

Harold Pinter, originally uploaded by Faber Books.

Although… those sideburns…

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Flying Insect: a Steampunk Pendant, originally uploaded by a clockwork zero.

Steampunk Workshop
ooooo, how cool – steampunk iPod skin
Last year’s MAKE: Steampunk Gift Guide
Wikipedia’s List of Steampunk Works
Steampunk Magazine

Steampunk Storm, originally uploaded by Ms.Antiorder.

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