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Check out this round up of 404 error pages that would actually bring joy to your critical internet error.

ninja 404

wanted 404

mario 404

clock 404

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save bill stickers



It’s not craft related. It’s not design related. But it made me laugh. Humorous signs and notices.

While I was preoccupied, the kettle boiled dry. Now the house smells like delicious cookies. This is deceptive, because it’s actually the smell of imminent doom for my cup of tea. IMMINENT DOOM.

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So, without saying anything sacreligious or offensive, it’s a significant kind of Friday. But I’m not religious, and I am offensive, so I’m spending my day with the very enjoyably weird Picture is Unrelated and Fail Blog. I even picked two craft related ones for you dudes.

Can anyone suggest a way in which this photo could be more random?

This is from the exceptionally funny photo of a few years ago, where entrants had to do something weird in a Toothpaste for Dinner t-shirt. It was funny then; it’s funny now. I love the woman’s expression.

My new hero – so focussed and determined and random:

And finally, from Failblog:
Satin is a pretty nasty fabric, it’s true.

Friday, y’all. Friday. Hope it works out right for you.

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