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Hi, party people. What an overwhelming response to Giveaway Day. I know some blogs get hundreds of comments and visits daily, but this is absolutely unheard of for me… it makes my stats look pretty funny. My previous most visited entry had 55 visits. This week I had almost 2000 visits. Weird.giveaway day

Anyway, I declare the contest closed. I had a random number supplied; it was 110 – so congrats, Trixie! And what luck for me – she lives in Australia. Woo! No international postage. Tune in next post for the tutorial. I’ll try and put together a good one for youse.

I really oughta get moving on my damn christmas presents. I’m so stubborn. In case you need some reasons why a handmade christmas is a good thing – have 101! And, although they’re not handmade, if you need a chuckle, check out Busted t-shirts. Much snickering to be had.

Also, if you’re interested and need something MORE to read, and as if I need something else to consume my limited brain space, I’ve started another ANOTHER blog, Kowai Kawaii, wherein I can collect information and wonderings and wishes about future travel.

*Phew*. I feel like I had more to say, but it eludes me. So, I’ll leave you with the smiley face in the sky.
moon smiley

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square o’ green, originally uploaded by urbn pirate.

Why, it’s a giveaway!

Ostensibly for Sew Mama Sew’s December 3rd Giveaway day – although late here in Australia, because my stupid damn internet wouldn’t work.  But what IS?

it is not just a little square cushion of fabric – it is a fold up, reusable shopping bag! It unfolds out of it’s little square, and voila!

bag o' green

Freshly picked from the sewing room. So, I guess, comment if you’d like it. I’ll post it anywhere (lucky, coz most of you aren’t in Australia…), and I will pick the winning commenter’s name out of a hat. You have a few days to enter because I have a jampacked day today and I won’t be checking comments this afternoon. w00t!

eta: if you happen to like it SO MUCH and you don’t win it… swing by again, I’ll be creating a tutorial for the bags for my 100th post (psst – this one is number 98!) Cheers!

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