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Hey, I won a prize with my last post. Pity I’d forgotten I entered, so I missed the art show anyway. Silly me. But I get to make new underwears now anyway, thanks Gemma.

In the newest installment of The Interesting Asides that have Nothing to do with Homework, here are some things I’ve found while trying to find a picture of a braille newspaper. I haven’t found one yet. I may have to get my own made. I was surprised to find a lot of poisonous nonsensical vitriol that made me feel a little ill, so I’ll focus on the fun bits and the good bits instead.

Accessible design – This braille says ‘beer’

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Been a while, friends, padres, comrades. I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea to start post again today, when I am in the middle of a move and I am sitting surrounded by boxes. All the while, though, uni goes on and assignments are due, and today’s research is yielding much in the way of interesting and unrelated information and links.

Meanwhile, I am in the middle of testing to see if I’m dyslexic. Boy howdy, am I doing a lot of editing over here. That was a little thought to myself, except externalised. Thanks.

So this assignment. I’m planning to embroider a sort of subversive anti-family tree, detailing my illustrious history of outcasts, criminals and the oppressed. So I’ve been looking for tree images, and here are some favorites:

tree_shapeIdentify a tree by its parts

Match TreeMatch tree, ingenious.

bike tree parking

Bike tree parking, from Treehugger.

Related useful links: Bicycle storage options, How they store bikes in Tokyo

I’m moving to a place that is much smaller than where I live, so I’m going to go all space-conserving on you folk. Also, my friend owns the joint, so I’m planning to paint the walls and put up shelves for the cats to sit on, bla bla bla. I’ll tell you all about it. Ad nauseum. Consider yourselves warned.

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