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Today I’m going to do something wild, and post something I actually created. I know, right? On a craft blog. Wild. Just a sketch.

waits chinagraph

It’s Tom Waits, in a tree. Obviously. Drawn in chinagraph pencil.

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I’ve posted this before. But I *really* need it to sink in.

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not pets.

Ooops. I forgot to post yesterday. No matter. Maybe I’ll post more than once today, to make up for it. I had a lovely day yesterday. I went to a party in the bush, at the housewarming of two of my favorite people, CJ and Brent. I carpooled out with two lovely people, and back with a different lovely person (none of whom have handy links, as far as I know). I talked to lovely people and I looked at lovely views, I was involved in sarcastic and witty conversation, I looked at their amazing new house, but most of all, I got to actually look at CJ’s face, instead of just photos of her, and to marvel at her awesome belly. It was Lovely. and I Didn’t Post. And that is all.

So! Have some tiny people!


Local amenities for children.

They're not pets, Susan.

They're not pets, Susan

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my milk toof

Have you all met ickle and Lardee?


They make me a little wistful.


Oh, to be young again. And also a tooth.


Cheeky tooth.


*happy sigh*

Head on over to My Milk Toof to see more.

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happy winter

It’s raining, here in Melbourne. Welcome to winter, Southern Hemisphereites. What’s your weather like?

Whenever things look especially bleak -say, for instance, it’s raining AND you have swine flu – take a look at this:


I found it on Drawn!, an illustration and cartooning blog, and it is by the really quite amazing Zara Picken. She has a lovely blog, too.

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Elliott Burford has taken spam subject lines and illustrated them, in not-the-ways-they-were-intended. Great illustrations and knowing naievety.




Via Dude Craft.

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