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To keep a hippo statue warm. Wonderful.

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small towns

Even though it’s the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart is, in fact, such a small town that there are non-capital cities in Victoria that outsize it substantially (namely, the one I grew up in). This, I think, adds greatly to its charm.

I’ve noticed that in small cities, the further from culture it is, the more culture it develops itself. Geelong is one hour from Melbourne, and it has no life of its own, because everyone leaves for culture shots. Ballarat is a little further, and has the beginnings of an interesting arts scene. Tasmania is separated from Melbourne by an expanse of water, and boy, does it have an
interesting subculture.

For example, the first thing I saw as the bus drove into Hobart was the knitted graffiti. And what well knitted graffiti it was, too.
knitted graffiti 1

knitted graffiti 2

knitted graffiti 3

Subvert the dominant paradigm, friends. Subvert it good.

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