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Flying Insect: a Steampunk Pendant, originally uploaded by a clockwork zero.

Steampunk Workshop
ooooo, how cool – steampunk iPod skin
Last year’s MAKE: Steampunk Gift Guide
Wikipedia’s List of Steampunk Works
Steampunk Magazine

Steampunk Storm, originally uploaded by Ms.Antiorder.

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Y’all, hot on the heels of my 100th post, I can finally go back to posting whatevs. Phew. I’m roadtrippin’ on the Australian East Coast with my mum and my dog, and while I’m here, I need to collect together any links I come across while internetting. No bookmarking here. I could use my delicious, but that would make too much sense. So I’ll just make notes to myself.

* Did you see theBrown Owls in Frankie? w00, how exciting. Glad I got my next year subscription already…

* Tutorials, for future reference, for sustainable and ethical ways of girftwrapping – a round up from creature comforts, one from Represent, and an article on Japanese packaging and design
from the ever interesting pingmag.

* A cute little notepaper tutorial from paper and stitch

* Zigzaggers, a blog reviewing vintage and retro sewing machines

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Yesterday at work I was flat out for the whole day. Today – nothing. Noone wants shirts on Saturday?? AND the heat press isn’t working (good thing there’s no customers) so I can’t even entertain myself by printing sarcastic sayings onto underwear. Yes, that WAS the plan.

It was going to be this, from toothpaste for dinner:

Toothpaste For Dinner

Imagine that on your arse! But, no luck. So instead, here is some entertaining workplace-distracting linkability –

The Shouty Villager, a blog (and their Twitter) so funny and distracting that I shouldn’t read it at work, especially because it’s far more interesting than customers.
Steph, I particularly think you’ll enjoy it. People in vintage photos have never had so much fun.

– An article about Chomsky speaking on anarcho-syndicalism, which we all need

– Just for me: How to change .jpg files to EPS format (from Google Answers) which will open up a whole new world of excitment, because then I will be able to use pictures in my designs. Yes, pictures. Woooooooo!!

– Also, I joined Twitter. Plurk was giving me the irrits.

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so, so bored.

OH, so bored at work.

Some things I want to look at again, and maybe you want to look at them too?
Stitchado Handmade – a place with lots of great free embroidery patterns
Invisible Book shelf tutorial on Instructables
one pretty thing, with a rather exciting ‘daily diy’ feature
Five handy embroidery stitches from CraftStylish
Free downloadable modern sewing patterns via WhipUp
Cowboy shirt revamp from Cut Out & Keep.
And OHMYGOD uber cool embroidery patterns from Urban Threads. Going to save up my $three dollars-es. And they have a blog.


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Gawd, WRITE A POST, BEX. I’m trying a new trick today, whereby I am playing on the internet and posting and not feeling guilty about time wasting, because I am listening to my lecture podcasts at the same time. My multi-tasking skills are limited today because I’m tired, so pictures are better than words. CONCENTRATE ON EVERYTHING.

I was reading my livejournal, a blog I’ve had for a long long time that is full of ramble and boring stuff about my life, and it made me realise how random and capitalised I am at times. Would craft-bloggers put up with that? WOULD YOU? *ahem*.

NOW. Hear about some other great people in this Interweb world:


Twisted Fig, a crafty business run by CJ, my favorite circus buddy. I covet her smittens. You might have seen her at Rose St. Her knitting machine is sexy, and she has hot muscles in her right arm but not her left because that’s the way the machine runs.

Two Cheese Please – The lovely Holly, who is awfully talented and has a brand new heart shaped badge with cheese and a monster

Drewzel – Wonderous Steph, who taught me how to embroider – finally!! It’s been on my to-do list for about three years…

PEOPLE WHO ARE PROBABLY REAL but I can’t verify that:
style rookie, a highly entertaining teenager who, like, fully knows about stuff. Found via label free, who is also great.

THEN because pictures are great and LolCatz are better –

more cat pictures

more cat pictures

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Before I get over this game for today, some grand links for me and for you.

I’m a craft artist – a craft blog written by a 6 year old while she’s waiting for a bone marrow transplant. It just about breaks me with its cuteness.
A rookie guide to digital SLR cameras – Something to wander through, filled with cameralust that I can’t afford…

also, I don’t know if y’all care, but
reading: The Colour of Magic – Terry Pratchett
listening: Port-au-Prince – Royal Crown Revue

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