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happy cats

Grey Kitten, originally uploaded by Weird_Aunt_Martha.

Kittens make me happy…. more on that later…. maybe?? But not only that. Lolcatz make me happy… Sleeping makes me happy… funny pictures of cats with captions

and nerds. Nerds make me SO happy. funny pictures of cats with captions

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so, so bored.

OH, so bored at work.

Some things I want to look at again, and maybe you want to look at them too?
Stitchado Handmade – a place with lots of great free embroidery patterns
Invisible Book shelf tutorial on Instructables
one pretty thing, with a rather exciting ‘daily diy’ feature
Five handy embroidery stitches from CraftStylish
Free downloadable modern sewing patterns via WhipUp
Cowboy shirt revamp from Cut Out & Keep.
And OHMYGOD uber cool embroidery patterns from Urban Threads. Going to save up my $three dollars-es. And they have a blog.


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