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We Like Kindergarten, Eloise Wilkin, 1965- Show & Tell, originally uploaded by try-whistling-this.

When I was a kid, I had an uneasy relationship with Show and Tell. I felt a bit pressured to perform, to be interesting, to have something to Show on a set day of the week. It wasn’t optional, and I railed against things that were enforced. Why not show when I had something I felt was worth the airspace? But school is school, and I had trouble with a lot of it. Once I became as a little chronologically older but not necessarily more grown up, my attitude changed a little. I enjoy Show and Tell now, in the form of sharing blog memes. I can opt in and out. I don’t have to share if I don’t want. No one is going to come down hard and give me detention. It’s a nice way of sharing. It’s a good way to get to know new people. It’s a novel and educational slice of people’s lives that they don’t usually share on their craftblogs. It’s always interesting to see what people choose to share when given a particular prompt. It’s probably fuel for psychological analysis.

How did YOU feel about show and tell? How do you feel about my dire assertion that
your answers are a look into your psyche? I don’t mean to put you off. Join in the new Show and Tell meme for Sundays, at Craft Blog.

I’m starting off well, having missed Sunday. I never post things on the right days, anyway. Might as well start how I mean to continue.

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music takes time

Steph posted this meme on her blog (originally from here) a little while ago, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It’s just not something I can rush through. It needs serious consideration. And so, here it is. Play along if you want to, and you haven’t yet.

1. Your first musical idol.

When I was two, I decided that Charles Neville would be my saxophone teacher, when I was eventually big enough to play saxophone (I was 8 when I was big enough, FYI. But only for Alto. that was as long as I could hold out). We went to the Neville Brothers’ concert around that time, and I sat, right up the back of the Tennis Centre, with an A4 sign I had made that said ‘Go Nevilles’. I was such a cool kid.

2. Your biggest musical shame/embarrassment.

It’s hard to embarrass me. I’m low on shame, especially musically. I looooove music!! Love love love. I like some of everything. Country? The politics! Metal? The performance! Opera? The…… Richard Gill! I even have a Britney song on my iPod, that *could* make me squirmy if it came on random… but even then, we were planning to cover it… it makes a smokin’ cover, with the right arrangement.

And I went to Band Camp too. And two of my friends slept together, and then half of the band was suspended. Yes folks, every bit as sordid as you’ve heard.

3. Your special musical talent?

I can play music by ear. Unfortunately, it meant I got pretty lazy and didn’t bother learning to actually read the music.

4. A musical thing that you wouldn’t do in public.

Play without practicing. Too much of a perfectionist. That’s why I don’t play in public. I can’t bear to hear myself practice, coz I left it so long and got so crap.

5. The last band you saw live.

Was it Nine Inch Nails? Was it Royal Crown Revue? Kate Miller-Heidke? Might have been Billy Bragg actually. Or Anti-Flag. I can’t remember, time is a bit of a blur. My *next* live band will be the Stray Cats, excited much? Oh, and Leonard Cohen is touring………

6. Favourite live music experience.

Seeing Ray Charles play live, on the same day as I saw Ani di Franco and Bob Dylan. Woah, overload. Or the first time I saw Royal Crown Revue, everyone did incredible solos, and then the drummer drummed on the bass player’s strings while he was fingering. Or! The time I talked myself backstage at a festival when I was 15, persuasive. And, although I don’t remember it myself, when I was one and I saw a saxophone band busking, and I wouldn’t move for half an hour. It was an epiphany, I reckon.

7. If you could see any band/musician live tomorrow, who would it be?

Tom Waits. My muse.

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