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WOW I should stop looking at Treehugger now, or I won’t get anything done today. BUT BUT BUT. Not only is there a slideshow of the world’s most impressive subway maps, but there’s a slideshow of the world’s coolest alternative subway maps!! Oh, it’s hard to breathe. I dispute the inclusion of Melbourne in the first, though.

Oh yeah. Show me your metro, baby.

Wow! Tokyo is sooooooo big.

The…. the whole world…. at once? Oh, I…. I think I have to lie down.

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tweetie goodness

The internet is an amazing place. Recently, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the breadth of information available. I’m an information gatherer without good boundaries, which makes for a messy and addictive relationship with the internet, and hell, the whole damn modern age. Oh well, suck it up. Here is some fun stuff I found via Twitter today.

Geekologie have a range of x-ray images of video game controllers. They look almost human. Or cyborg. Or something.

Further testament to my nerdiness (and via Rayna’s Twitter):
Images from the the Philatelic database – Isn’t the embroidered stamp incredible? I was also pretty tickled by the fact they have their own Twitter. I have three times as many followers. Not that it’s a competition.

And finally,
Cracked’s collections of images you won’t believe aren’t Photoshopped. Some amazing; some bizarre; many just wrong. But jolly good fun to look at.

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? + ? = new math




Check out more at new math. Via Twenty Three on Tumblr.

So, where have you been?? What do you mean, where have *I* been? Ok fine, I’ve been in sociable hibernation. But I have been around the interwebs, just doing the bits that are easier than blogging. The bits that require less commitment. You know the ones. The places I can post a sentence or a picture and be off on my merry way, dancing and rolling on the wind. Find me on Tumblr here, and on twitter here. Join me.


My friend has started a new business, with the lovely slogan, ‘pollinate.inspire.propogate’. It is all about organic gardens and permaculture, and information sharing, and seed saving, and other nice things into your real and electronic mailboxes. You should really have a look. send me seeds pip.

Also, that fundraiser we did. We made over $6200. Phew. Huge and hardcore. Thanks for being a part of it, if you were. Coming soon I will post links to whoever chipped in, so you can check out their awesome wares.

Ok folks, catch you on the flip side.

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literary and fiscal desires

penguin classics mug

I covet this.

and while I’m at it, I covet a stronger Australian dollar and a better exchange rate.

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calling word nerds!

I really think you’d all get a kick out of going to the Macquarie Dictionary site and voting for the Word of 2008. Macquarie Dictionary is the biggest (perhaps most official?) dictionary in Australia, and every year they add a small number of new words to the dictionary, according to observations about the lexicon. They’re always interesting to read.

So you go through the topics and vote for your favorites, and somehow they come up with the number one word. Last year’s word was Muffin Top.

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Hi, party people. What an overwhelming response to Giveaway Day. I know some blogs get hundreds of comments and visits daily, but this is absolutely unheard of for me… it makes my stats look pretty funny. My previous most visited entry had 55 visits. This week I had almost 2000 visits. Weird.giveaway day

Anyway, I declare the contest closed. I had a random number supplied; it was 110 – so congrats, Trixie! And what luck for me – she lives in Australia. Woo! No international postage. Tune in next post for the tutorial. I’ll try and put together a good one for youse.

I really oughta get moving on my damn christmas presents. I’m so stubborn. In case you need some reasons why a handmade christmas is a good thing – have 101! And, although they’re not handmade, if you need a chuckle, check out Busted t-shirts. Much snickering to be had.

Also, if you’re interested and need something MORE to read, and as if I need something else to consume my limited brain space, I’ve started another ANOTHER blog, Kowai Kawaii, wherein I can collect information and wonderings and wishes about future travel.

*Phew*. I feel like I had more to say, but it eludes me. So, I’ll leave you with the smiley face in the sky.
moon smiley

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oh, ernest.

The odd paradox of life at the moment means that, since I can manage only one kind of creative output at a time, when I craft, I don’t blog. So I have all kinds of interesting things I could show off, including an idea for a tutorial, AND a giveaway… but instead, silence.

However, I finally managed the right combination of location and light, and got a photo of the beautiful collage created by Big Cat that I won in a Blogtoberfest giveaway. Thanks for the coffee, Cathy. It’s ever so nice to meet interweb inspirations.

ernest is bookish

In other other news, if you’re around Melbourne, did you see the sky smiley face this evening? The moon, Jupiter and Venus are aligned in show of cheery celestial goodwill. My housemate was going to have a shot at getting a photo with her swank camera, and I will share if she succeeds. Meanwhile, get outside and look at the sky. It’s a once-in-five-years occurrence! And appreciate the quote of the evening, from my mum: “Will it do emoticons next?”

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