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the girl who leapt through timeNote to self! I really want to see The Girl who Leapt Through Time.  Luckily, it is on at ACMI! I love ACMI.

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Flying Insect: a Steampunk Pendant, originally uploaded by a clockwork zero.

Steampunk Workshop
ooooo, how cool – steampunk iPod skin
Last year’s MAKE: Steampunk Gift Guide
Wikipedia’s List of Steampunk Works
Steampunk Magazine

Steampunk Storm, originally uploaded by Ms.Antiorder.

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Y’all, hot on the heels of my 100th post, I can finally go back to posting whatevs. Phew. I’m roadtrippin’ on the Australian East Coast with my mum and my dog, and while I’m here, I need to collect together any links I come across while internetting. No bookmarking here. I could use my delicious, but that would make too much sense. So I’ll just make notes to myself.

* Did you see theBrown Owls in Frankie? w00, how exciting. Glad I got my next year subscription already…

* Tutorials, for future reference, for sustainable and ethical ways of girftwrapping – a round up from creature comforts, one from Represent, and an article on Japanese packaging and design
from the ever interesting pingmag.

* A cute little notepaper tutorial from paper and stitch

* Zigzaggers, a blog reviewing vintage and retro sewing machines

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