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I really think you’d better know that I have a really over-sized hair clip.


I didn’t buy it in Japan. I bought it at Melbourne airport when I dropped off my mum.

I did buy these in Japan, however.



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Further to a conversation I had with CJ, my circus buddy, I would like to share with you some THINGS. Good things. Things I like. Things I wish to pursue. Things other people might catch onto. Purely for my own interest, and for retrospective analysis. Things.

THING ONE – very, very skinny scarves.

THING TWO – also scarf related – very, very long scarves. Etsy discusses this too. Yes, I am cold, in the Southern Hemisphere.

(Picture from Monevor)

THING THREE – I bought this in Japan as a joke. What are two things that you’d never think to go together in fashion? Nicotine and earrings? Santa Claus and men’s country club attire? Glomesh and officewear?

Which did you choose? If you chose any, you’re right! They’ve created all of them in Japan. But for this story, I give you a red, glomesh necktie!

glomesh tie

Stranger things happen at sea, I suppose… One day I’ll tell you about Captain Santa…

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