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Wouldn’t you love to live in this beautiful, tiny room??


Outside my door this morning, there was a lovely surprise! Not only did I get $7 back from some bill I’ve forgotten about, but my lovely housemate Emma had left me this, in case I might be interested? Seriously, this is not something that need be posed as a question.


Check out some awesome wallpaper designs:


Will I make badges? Will I bind some books? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!


What do you think I should do with all the happy loveliness??

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Pop-up books, is there anything cooler? Possibly none cooler than this one. Definitely nothing cooler than the theme music. In terms of teachable qualities, It might not be the best for teaching alphabet order, but when you have something as *groovy* as this, who needs order? Order is overrated, anyway. (via misconstrue)

On the other hand, there are many things cooler than the cold that I have, but you can’t win them all. I am, however, very excited about my very first comment from Cara, and my first comment from someone I don’t know, Sooz. Hi! A *real* craftblogger, no less!

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