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veg about

Bellgirl is having a Veg About, to share the party that is Our Gardens. Oh, planting! Growing! You should totally join in. (*i think she’s talking to you!*) I want to see pictures of cabbages twice the size of your head. Go on. Veg about for the team.

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Someone once asked me why I became a teacher, because it was clear that I liked plants more than children. And I have to say, in hindsight, what a persuasive point they made. I *love* plants. I love gardening. I read garden books and I go to nurseries and I run my fingers across the seed packets and dream. We don’t have a garden per se at my house – we have a big patch of grass with an olive tree, we have a small bed that gets no light, ever, and we have a bunch of pots that bake whenever the sun hits the concrete. But I lust for gardens

I also love subversiveness, and things that are different. Had I mentioned that?

If I didn’t live in a rental, I’d have a green roof.

Growing Green Roof, originally uploaded by Crikit.

The green roof system reduces heating and cooling loads on buildings, decreases the ‘urban heat island effect’ (i read somewhere that on a 25 degree day, the average roof can get to 60 or 70 degrees), reduce stormwater runoff and filter rainwater, clean pollutants and CO2 out of the air and increase wildlife habitat areas. Not to mention basics like increasing garden space and the lifespan of your roof, and looking DURN ATTRACTIVE while it does it. And wacky!

Apparently people in my council grow watermelons and pumpkins on their rooves.

You can do it in the city… (that’s Manhattan, right there)

Green City, originally uploaded by alykat.

Or in the country.

July 17 – 30, 2003, originally uploaded by dylanindustries.

If I lived in that house, people would mistake me for a hobbit. Because really, I’m not that far from it. Short, stocky, uncontrollable brown curls, impressive toe hair… all I’d need was a wizard.

There was a conference on Green Roofs (rooves?) in Brisbane last month. If only I could time travel. Meanwhile, I will read the Melbourne based green roof blog and dream. Meanwhile, armed with seed bombs (some instructions here), I can just indulge in a little guerilla gardening. Or maybe just create some moss graffiti (instructions included, or on Craft:)

(from G Living)

Oh, green.

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