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So, without saying anything sacreligious or offensive, it’s a significant kind of Friday. But I’m not religious, and I am offensive, so I’m spending my day with the very enjoyably weird Picture is Unrelated and Fail Blog. I even picked two craft related ones for you dudes.

Can anyone suggest a way in which this photo could be more random?

This is from the exceptionally funny photo of a few years ago, where entrants had to do something weird in a Toothpaste for Dinner t-shirt. It was funny then; it’s funny now. I love the woman’s expression.

My new hero – so focussed and determined and random:

And finally, from Failblog:
Satin is a pretty nasty fabric, it’s true.

Friday, y’all. Friday. Hope it works out right for you.

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bex: Can I ask you a weird question?
elli: I love it when you say that! Ask away!
bex: Can you check my hair for coconut?

bex:…..so we’re all going to go out dressed like pirates. Want to join my crew?
elli: That would be so fun! But I can’t, my mum and I are entering a Swedish meatball competition.
emma: ……………..you guys are not normal.

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