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For some reason, today I have been looking at many things about 1950s subculture. I tell you, I wish I was cool enough to be this kind of Teddy Girl.

(these photos are from many different places, but they had been collated previously here.)

More information: Greasers (a subculture), Rockabilly (an awesome, awesome kind of music), London subcultures of the 50s

Just for a full sensory experience, here’s a song I love by a rockabilly band I love – Rock this Town, by the Stray Cats. When we saw the Stray Cats live recently, a couple in front of us had sex throughout this song. It was a bit much, really. Maybe they were having a profound musical experience, but I could have done without it. So I’m going to pretend this is my experience, and noone was exchanging bodily fluids in front of me. Awesome, repaint that truth.

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My style icons keep dying, woe! woe!

First Bettie Page….

Bettie Page Originally uploaded by bonniegrrl

And now, Eartha Kitt??? What am I to do?

Eartha Kitt TV Shot Originally uploaded by Walker Dukes

Also in the obituaries, woe, Harold Pinter! But that doesn’t really suit the style tone of the post.

Harold Pinter, originally uploaded by Faber Books.

Although… those sideburns…

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