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A fine Facebook friend of mine alerted me to a number of websites selling vintage sewing patterns. She wants to be a mod, and I want to be Rockabilly, so it’s perfect – no fighting over patterns. So any of you out there, steer clear of the Fifties, dammit! No really, it’s a big enough decade, we can all share. But even without purchasing, it’s excellent for ideas and inspiration. Not to mention awesome package graphics.





Anyway, here is where you should look:
So Vintage Patterns
Mom’s Patterns, hahaha mom. I’m so Australian.
Sew Retro


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second hand lovin’

Singer 1900

Oh, everyone, have a look at what I found at the op shop on Saturday.

Vintage Singer 201K

It’s a Vintage Singer 201K. I had a bit of a fight with a collector because I got to it first. It’s beeeeeeutiful.

singer model 210k

Check it out! A bird in 1939 using MY SEWING MACHINE. How’s that?? Apparently, according to this dude, “there has never been a better Singer or perhaps a better sewing machine ever made than the 201k”.

singer sewing instructions

It’s in beautiful condition, everything’s well oiled and dearly loved. It even came with the instruction book. And a spool of antique thread.

singer sewing vintage ad

For the moment, it’s not doing any sewing – it’s being the main feature in the lounge room. Meanwhile, all my household does is drool.

Greensborough Savers – I could kiss you.

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Rain, so much sudden rain. Grey, wet world. Today heralded the first gumboots day of the year, and the first gloves day. Today also marked my first adventure into the world of following someone else’s instructions while making a softie, instead of just cobbling together some random shit from out of my own head.

Inspiration and instructions from this grand book, clear and concise and interesting. Super cute, too. If I can find some fleece I want to make the awesome cheeky lookin devil like the one on the cover.

Anyhow. I made an Arno Cat, designed by Sooz. Results yielded:



Reading: Moominpappa at Sea – Tove Jansson
Watching: Stargate Series 1, episode 3

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RMIT runs 10 week classes in sewing, and i thought it about time i actually knew how to DO that thing I like to do. I mean, I make clothes, but it’s mostly borne of guesswork, and making patterns from existing items of clothes. Did anyone say, run before you can walk? My first clothing item I made (about a year and a half ago, with no sewing experience) was a hoody. But I’ve had enough of biting off more than I can chew. So i’m off, learning the practicalities, and after three classes, I have all the pieces of a skirt.

First class discussed important measurements and then measured ourselves (always a joy, measuring the thigh circumference of someone you’ve just met). Next class, replete with sewing patterns, we remeasured and resized to make the ridiculous, inaccurate pattern sizes into something we could wear. Alas, class number 3 went on without me, but in class four, i cut out my pieces, learnt to tack and to mark dart points and (theoretically, practice time comes next week) to sew a zip. OH MY GOD I’m going to know how to sew a zip.

Anyway, few photos have been taken thus far. But you can have one of my sewing kit, coz I loves it. If i can work out how to include it. which i don’t think i can.

Did I done it? Yer, I did do it. Lordy, I’m so good at this game.

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