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Two tutorials to show how to convert a basic image (such as a .jpg or .bmp) to a vectored EPS file:

Introduction to Vector Drawing 101
On-Screen Tutorial Vectoring Using Illustrator – it has a movie!

An Illustration Tutorial, for converting a photo to clipart. With vectoring thrown in for good measure. Maybe that’s the definition of clip art.

Letterville, the association of sign writers – or something – with lots of how-tos and step-by-steps

Also also, 24 Vector resources (tutorials, portfolios, icons)

The last one came from the fascinating Kreative Garden, full of interesting things about design

Thanks for indulging me.

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Yesterday at work I was flat out for the whole day. Today – nothing. Noone wants shirts on Saturday?? AND the heat press isn’t working (good thing there’s no customers) so I can’t even entertain myself by printing sarcastic sayings onto underwear. Yes, that WAS the plan.

It was going to be this, from toothpaste for dinner:

Toothpaste For Dinner

Imagine that on your arse! But, no luck. So instead, here is some entertaining workplace-distracting linkability –

The Shouty Villager, a blog (and their Twitter) so funny and distracting that I shouldn’t read it at work, especially because it’s far more interesting than customers.
Steph, I particularly think you’ll enjoy it. People in vintage photos have never had so much fun.

– An article about Chomsky speaking on anarcho-syndicalism, which we all need

– Just for me: How to change .jpg files to EPS format (from Google Answers) which will open up a whole new world of excitment, because then I will be able to use pictures in my designs. Yes, pictures. Woooooooo!!

– Also, I joined Twitter. Plurk was giving me the irrits.

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