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so, so tired.

A double exposure try out., originally uploaded by axel diego.

yo. trying reeeeal hard. to post, and to talk to people, and to do the things i’ve said i’ll do, and to be awake. it’s really not going so well to plan.

the age had an article today about the next big things about the interweb. guess what folks, we’re all ahead of the times. Flickr! Etsy! Twitter! They’re big news! How does it feel being trendsetters, y’all? Read the whole article here.

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i was about to make a flippant comment, in the last post, about how wellies hadn’t really taken off in Australia yet. Then I read the Sunday supplement from the Age and there’s a column about gumboots. Comment withdrawn.

The author made a good point that I agree with, though. Why wear wellies in a country that is in drought? I wear mine rarely, because I wear them when it rains. Also, they’ve split, as mentioned. Which really, really defeats the point.


Me and the wellies, and the dreds being cut off, almost exactly a year ago right now.  Eww, dreds, festy.

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