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this is… Friday!

This is what I’m surprised I like.

Bart Simpson: Hey, it’s ZZ Top! You guys rock!
Rabbi: Meh, maybe a little.

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, originally uploaded by jack o’diamonds.

I’m surprised I like ZZ Top. I’m surprised every time I hear them. They’re even on my iPod and I’m still surprised. Why am I surprised?!? I have no idea. I’m just surprised. The end.

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Even though I have a literature degree and want to be a librarian, I’m not doing much good at reading serious books. Mostly at the moment, I read comedy, travel books, sci-fi, books for teens or graphic novels. Or usually, all of them at once. I read multiple things in tandem. I read, *all* the time.

So, this week’s topic is a pretty hard one for me. I can’t even remember all the things I’m in the process of actively reading. So, for simplicity’s sake, the one that is sitting open by the bed right now is the tenth book in the Deathnote manga series.

Death Note 10, originally uploaded by Yami Sasuke.

I bought issues 1-7 myself, but at $12-$15 each, it’s not super sustainable. Who knew that libraries all over Melbourne stock extensive Manga collections? My best recommendations are Darebin and Moreland libraries; City Library is too widely frequented by international students and they borrow all the good stuff faster than I can. Even still, in the North there’s often a wait. I finally got my hands on issues 8-12, joy!

L and light, originally uploaded by Kaori Hatake.

Deathnote has spawned an Anime series and a live action movie, none of which I have watched yet… didn’t want to ruin the ending.

Deathnote is a Shonen Manga, aimed at men (as opposed to Shojo, for women). Shonen is my preference… shojo is boringly romance and sex oriented. Man, there’s some dirty story lines for little girls in the shojo world.

Ryuk ~ Walk in the Sky ~, originally uploaded by EdwardLee’s collection.

The Deathnote story involves a god of death (a shinagami, seen in super cute toy form, above) dropping a notebook onto earth. The notebook can be used to kill people by writing their names in it, and is found by a misguided kid who thinks he can cleanse the world of evil. He makes a pretty good very-bad-guy face by the end of the series…

Death Note, originally uploaded by Fran Rocha.
It has also, as with so many things in Japan, spawned some dogged fan behaviour, including an awful lot of cosplay (like here) and fan art. Didn’t think I’d post any of that. It gets a bit dirty.
Thanks to My Champagne Dreams for this week’s topic, and Three Buttons for hosting This Is.
In non- This Is news, A and I have big plans for preserves. Pip posted about making Ginger Beer, which spurned us into action. Here’s our plant!

plants on windowsills, originally uploaded by urbn pirate.

Join in the ginger beer along! It’s totally what Spring needs.

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actually, neither of these are *mine*, as such. In fact, neither of them are even at my house. They’re at my otherhouse, but I’m there enough of the time, anyway…

This is a brand new Bokashi bin, bought today! It was one of many killer scores at the Gardening Australia expo. I accidentally bargained for it, whoops!

Bex: so, these bins. Are they a special show price?
Guy: Yes! $10 off!
Bex: Looks at A, dubious
Guy: You drive a hard bargain. Have another $5 off!
Bex: Looks at him, incredulous
Guy: $10!!

It’s SO EXCITING!! It sits on the kitchen bench, and it’s a compost bin! And it doesn’t smell! And you can put in everything, coffee grounds, meat, onion, citrus! Then you sprinkle on some magic Bokashi powder and press it down with the presser (it’s a potato masher! See it on the windowsill!) each evening. Then eventually, presto! No food scraps, some dirt, and a small amount of super concentrated liquid fertiliser. WE ALL NEED ONE!!! Huzzah!!


This one, it’s not really a kitchen item. but it makes consumables! This is A’s craft. She’s started homebrewing. This here is the third brew, a Pale Ale, put on this very evening. The previous two brews are in various stages of ageing gracefully and waiting to be consumed at high speed. Fun times party town.

Thanks to handmaiden for this week’s topic, and awesome hosting duties while three buttons has been jet setting.

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compulsive reading , originally uploaded by tim.cooke312.

reading the paper with anna, doing the target with anna and sal. negotiating who gets which section, who gets to read catherine deveney first, if it gets read aloud. that’s the way to do it.

thanks to the bird bath for this week’s topic, and three buttons for this is.

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Yes! A second ‘this is’ in one day.  Welcome to my freestyle topic.  I am not too unashamed to admit, I am a football team bandwagon jumper!

packed, originally uploaded by takejiro.

Aaahhh, the football. As a Victorian, I’m supposed to understand it. No less, I grew up in Geelong! But I was born to a family of hippies! So I don’t! Which is odd, considering my dad played VFL for the Box Hill Hawks. But, football, it’s weird to me.

When I was a child, I went for the Collingwood Magpies and the Geelong Cats, because I liked magpies and I loved cats. That was a brief fling, more to satisfy the questions of the kids at school.

Then, in high school, I started going for Melbourne, because I played hockey for the connecting team. We even sang the same song when we won. But I only stayed at the hockey club for a year, at which point I moved to the Hawthorn hockey club and the Hawthorn Hawks football team. I figured, hey, my dad played for them, it makes sense. I even bought a scarf. This was Serious.

Hawthorn v Richmond, originally uploaded by wibostream.

Then Anna told me Jeff Kennett, the scumbag who used to be Premier, was the Hawks’ number one fan. So much for that.

I thought long and hard who to move my support to. Eventually, after consideration of other family connections (my grandpa) and sartorial considerations (wearing a lot of red and black), I pitched in for Essendon Bombers. I bought a scarf again; but only one from Dimmeys. Getting realistic, you know.

Then Anna had to go and tell me that some other crap politician was THEIR number one supporter. I can’t even remember who, now. At this point, I think I realised I didn’t care all that much about football.

That was, until the Geelong Cats started winning last season. Then I realised, I didn’t give a damn about the football, but I certainly DID give a damn about the welfare of my town. My mum lives there, you understand. I visit often. Last time I was local for a Cats grandfinal was 1993, and they lost to West Coast. The town put on extra grief counsellors. I’m not joking. The entire town gets depressed when they lose, and they have a long and illustrious history of losing.

Kitten, originally uploaded by Virginia Murdoch (i am alert).

So I’m a Cats fan. I don’t care about football, but I care about Geelong. And I know it’s a bandwagon, but when it influences public happiness? I’ll be pleased when Jimmy Bartell wins prizes. I’ll sit through games on TV.  I’ll tell people I’m related to Cameron Ling. I’ll run into them in cafes. Maybe I’ll even buy a scarf. We’ll see.  I promise not to get a tattoo, though.

We Are Geelong!, originally uploaded by Busy Baking.
Thanks to three buttons for This Is.

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It’s a really depressing reflection of reality that it’s taken me more than a week to think of the answer to this ‘This is…’. It’s last week’s, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.   As a result of circumstance, not an awful lot makes me happy. More or less, things make it easier to get by. But it’s important to acknowledge happiness, instead of dwelling on what is crap, wherever possible.

Anna, Midnight, walks on the beach. Tea. Craft and craft supplies. The ocean, ships. Breakfast. Circus. Melbourne. Cats.

this is what makes me happy, originally uploaded by urbn pirate.

Thanks to three buttons for ‘This is’ and one little acorn for this week’s theme.

It’s good to be happy.

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Children. Classrooms. Being a teacher. Goosebumps.

Thanks to three buttons for ‘This is’, and Flightless Boyds for this week’s topic.

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