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For some reason, today I have been looking at many things about 1950s subculture. I tell you, I wish I was cool enough to be this kind of Teddy Girl.

(these photos are from many different places, but they had been collated previously here.)

More information: Greasers (a subculture), Rockabilly (an awesome, awesome kind of music), London subcultures of the 50s

Just for a full sensory experience, here’s a song I love by a rockabilly band I love – Rock this Town, by the Stray Cats. When we saw the Stray Cats live recently, a couple in front of us had sex throughout this song. It was a bit much, really. Maybe they were having a profound musical experience, but I could have done without it. So I’m going to pretend this is my experience, and noone was exchanging bodily fluids in front of me. Awesome, repaint that truth.

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second hand lovin’

Singer 1900

Oh, everyone, have a look at what I found at the op shop on Saturday.

Vintage Singer 201K

It’s a Vintage Singer 201K. I had a bit of a fight with a collector because I got to it first. It’s beeeeeeutiful.

singer model 210k

Check it out! A bird in 1939 using MY SEWING MACHINE. How’s that?? Apparently, according to this dude, “there has never been a better Singer or perhaps a better sewing machine ever made than the 201k”.

singer sewing instructions

It’s in beautiful condition, everything’s well oiled and dearly loved. It even came with the instruction book. And a spool of antique thread.

singer sewing vintage ad

For the moment, it’s not doing any sewing – it’s being the main feature in the lounge room. Meanwhile, all my household does is drool.

Greensborough Savers – I could kiss you.

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if you were wearing this…

red polka dot dress

I’d be pretty happy if I looked like that, too. What an amazing craftster Etsy seller Miss Brache is.

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happiness in slides

missmi, originally uploaded by signs and wonders.

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the good old days. the happy old dudes. the argyle old socks.

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