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happy winter

It’s raining, here in Melbourne. Welcome to winter, Southern Hemisphereites. What’s your weather like?

Whenever things look especially bleak -say, for instance, it’s raining AND you have swine flu – take a look at this:


I found it on Drawn!, an illustration and cartooning blog, and it is by the really quite amazing Zara Picken. She has a lovely blog, too.

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hot lemons


Did you hear? Yesterday, Melbourne was hot. HOW HOT? It was 46.7 degrees Celcius, hottest day on record. That’s 116 Fahrenheit. All these lemons fell off the tree today, poor stressed tree. The house smells like cooked lemon now. But the house didn’t burn down, because I live in the city. So I’m not complaining, really.


Poor baking garden.

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It’s a really depressing reflection of reality that it’s taken me more than a week to think of the answer to this ‘This is…’. It’s last week’s, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.   As a result of circumstance, not an awful lot makes me happy. More or less, things make it easier to get by. But it’s important to acknowledge happiness, instead of dwelling on what is crap, wherever possible.

Anna, Midnight, walks on the beach. Tea. Craft and craft supplies. The ocean, ships. Breakfast. Circus. Melbourne. Cats.

this is what makes me happy, originally uploaded by urbn pirate.

Thanks to three buttons for ‘This is’ and one little acorn for this week’s theme.

It’s good to be happy.

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ow, my icy fingers. I LOVE WINTER. Snow is forecast tomorrow, I think this calls for a day trip to the country, to higher ground.

It rarely snows in my part of Victoria. If you’re from a place where snow is commonplace, you might not be able to understand how excited I am. Including trips overseas and visits to snowfields, I have seen snow six times in my life. Three of them have been without travelling for them, in and around my places of residence or work, one of those when I was too small to remember it. It snowed once when I was at uni, and I thought we were going to get snowed in on our excursion to the Eureka Stockade. Well, ok… I didn’t think we would get snowed in, but I hoped pretty hard.

This is my Daylesford snow day, last year. Excuse crap quality, it was taken on a wet camera phone.


LOOK AT ME, I’M SO COLD. Be that cold again……… please??

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