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i was about to make a flippant comment, in the last post, about how wellies hadn’t really taken off in Australia yet. Then I read the Sunday supplement from the Age and there’s a column about gumboots. Comment withdrawn.

The author made a good point that I agree with, though. Why wear wellies in a country that is in drought? I wear mine rarely, because I wear them when it rains. Also, they’ve split, as mentioned. Which really, really defeats the point.


Me and the wellies, and the dreds being cut off, almost exactly a year ago right now.  Eww, dreds, festy.

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Wow. What a diverting place to be is Polyvore (via Leni & Rose). Such a waste of time. So much fun.

I decided I needed a set of blue clothes. This is what appeared.

You see why I need to be a librarian? And! I know I have two pairs of shoes. But just in case! You know, what if it rains? There’s snow forecast tonight. My wellies that my mum brought back from Syracuse sprung a leak last winter. Got to be prepared.

From this website, I have learned that I dress like an American teenager going to the prom.

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