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calling word nerds!

I really think you’d all get a kick out of going to the Macquarie Dictionary site and voting for the Word of 2008. Macquarie Dictionary is the biggest (perhaps most official?) dictionary in Australia, and every year they add a small number of new words to the dictionary, according to observations about the lexicon. They’re always interesting to read.

So you go through the topics and vote for your favorites, and somehow they come up with the number one word. Last year’s word was Muffin Top.

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werd nord

Scrabble tiles, originally uploaded by jehsom.

you know what I love? Scrabble.

If…Of, originally uploaded by NotHip.

That’s all I got for you, though. I’m crazy in the coconut today. Can’t operatecreatefunctionthinkdowrite CRAZY coconutcrazy.

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