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Today’s post publicly acknowledges and celebrates geekery, more specifically, my own. This is motivated by two things – first of all, a recent visit to Game On, a history of video games held at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, and the completion of my first ever cross-stitch. Well, maybe not first ever – I might have done some when I was quite small – but it’s safe to say it’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed it. Which is worth celebrating.

Oh. So many games. Three hours passed before I even thought to reach overload point. Best $10 I’ve spent in a while… The exhibition is organised into game families and chronology, and there are examples of everything, most of them playable. Nostalgia for anyone who has ever pushed a pixel. All I could think, everywhere I looked, was oh god, that would look great as a cross stitch.


This is my first successful embroidery. It is of Kirby, from Kirby’s Dreamland, a game I used to play on my GameBoy in primary school. Look at him! Isn’t he cute? Is he flying, or is he sucking up an enemy to use as firepower? I GUESS WE’LL NEVER KNOW.

The pattern came from my first and favorite geek craft site, Sprite Stitch. What an endless resource. But! For geek needlearts, look no further than the absolutely mindblowing Geek Central Station. They made an entire set of Firefly amigurumi!

Such amazing detail is included with the individual figures. Jayne even come with Vera!

Jayne 3Q Right Front , originally uploaded by artoo1121.

Or, if Firefly isn’t your thing, gaze in wonder at Dr Zoidberg, everyone’s favorite grotesque stinking lobster!

Zoidberg Front, originally uploaded by artoo1121.

If you wanted a piece of the action you could even kick it up a notch with a to crochet your own Spice Weasel lip balm cozy. BAM!

Other sites worth looking at is the ‘geek craft’ tag collection of *geeksugar, and Geek Crafts. Need to make anyone a Tardis cake? Find your inspiration here.

So, sometimes I’m a little embarrassed to own up to being a geek. My geek cred is pretty poor, really, when it comes down to it, but there nonetheless. However, if I’m ever feeling too geeky, I will remember the man who inserted an entire computer into a GameBoy, and I will remember, I’m not that bad. Yet. A computer in a GameBoy?? I do wonder a little, what’s the point? But really, I imagine the point is that he could. Isn’t that enough?

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obey the kitty

Chairman Meow. Inspired. Wish I’d thought of. LOLcatz make me laugh. Such a simple soul.

Today I have been sorting my yarn collection. It’s taking a long time and stirring up a lot of dust, which isn’t great for my cold. Sneeze, sneeze. I haven’t partaken of the yarn arts for a couple of years now, and my collection takes up a *large* amount of space. Apparently there’s an old ladies group at my local council who knit clothes for Mongolian children or something, so they’re gonna get a donation of a lot of pristine quality yarn, just to get it out of my space. Lucky ducks.

it’s cold and wet and i’m cranky and sick and miserable. Bed time?

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